Interactive educating is efficient. Attentiveness is high and assimilating is easy while actively participating. It makes learning fun. Invio is cost-efficient. It’s easy to keep the content accurate and relevant. Reallocate your resources wisely — with a small team you can educated larger groups anywhere and anytime. Enhance education with analytics. Find out the most challenging topics requiring more attention. People remember:
  • 20% of what they read
  • 20% of what they have been told
  • 35% of what they see
  • 55% of what they hear and see
  • 65% or more of what they experience


Invio is suitable for all your needs — be it B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C or something entirely else.
  • target the right audience and turn them into paying customers
  • collect leads through forms and social sharing
  • tempt potential customers to become brand advocates
  • sell your products and services directly within the interactive experience
  • integrate with analytics and e-commerce platforms

    Let the viewers participate in a genuine interactive experience. Interactions allow the viewers to receive more details about the subject they would like to know. Showcase your products, services and brand to the right audience to raise awareness and interest. Demonstrate the best features and add call-to-actions to make instant results.
    Let the potential customers and partners choose the path, story and content they want to experience and get in touch with them, all from within the video. Invio is a new distinct, productive and measurable way to create, develop and strengthen your brand in the wide and fast growing field of video based solutions.


    Engage the audience with new experiences and a new way to entertain. Showcase fresh ideas with interactions and add call-to-actions to activate the viewers while having their full attention.
    Add the element of decision-making to your storytelling to give the choice of altering the outcome. Change drama to comedy, rain to sunshine, black and white to colored, reveal hidden secrets within videos and interact with the characters.


    Invio is an easy to use cloud-based platform with:
    • augmented reality and virtual reality
    • AI-integration offering relevant content
    • speech, gesture, gyro and touch controlling
    • mobile nativity with cross-platform compatibility
    • browser-based editing with a customizable user interface
    • no code writing skills required
    • ability to embed, publish and distribute anywhere
    • analytics and measurable results with most important third party tools
    • SEO friendliness
    • scalability
    • updatability